Perhaps down deep an addict knows that he or she is stuck in a horrible trap. however, he or she is often not ready to admit they need help.
The cravings drive their life, creating an intense need for the drug of choice. Everything takes a back seat to the cravings. even pleas from family members to do something about the addiction fall on deaf ears.

Professional Advice is Recommended

It is wise to contact a drug rehabilitation facility for the organization and management of the intervention. The staff can offer experience, knowledge, and actual treatment which will be made available to the addict during the intervention.

It is important for the family and friends to keep an open mind during the intervention and not force the addict to leave or become angry. Loved ones should ask the addicts questions, allow them to speak and share their feelings, and create a calm, relaxed, but serious tone in the space during the intervention.  Moral and emotional support is imperative during the intervention, also. The treatment process will be painful both physically and emotionally for the addict and loved ones must be ready for this.

Regret is a part of many people’s lives. However, loved ones do not have to live with a feeling of regret by not intervening in the life of the addict. If a person feels the addict’s problems are not their business, they will most likely end up living with regret.

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