Finding an effective interventionist is not always easy. some are extremely good at what they do, others can be weak and not achieve the objective. There are some interventionists who have risked their lives, crawling through windows at crack houses to pull out a loved one. you want someone who has a lot of experience and will also help the family through the process, alleviating much of the stress.

A successful intervention must be planned carefully to work as intended. A poorly planned intervention can worsen the situation — your loved one may feel attacked and become isolated or more resistant to treatment.

Consult an addiction specialist

Consulting an addiction professional, such as an alcohol and drug abuse counsellor, social worker, psychologist, psychiatrist, or interventionist, can help you organize an effective intervention. A substance use or addiction professional will take into account your loved one’s particular circumstances, suggest the best approach, and help guide you in what type of treatment and follow-up plan is likely to work best.

Often interventions are conducted without an intervention specialist, but having expert help may be preferable. Sometimes the intervention occurs at the professional’s office. It may be especially important to have the professional attend the actual intervention to help you stay on track.

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